How Many Calories In Your Favourite Foods?

Nutrition // Sarah Link // 15 February 2016

Do you know how many calories in your favourite foods – both healthy, and maybe not so healthy? The answers may surprise you! Weight loss is basic math – calories in, vs. calories out.

Once you know how many calories to eat per day, you can start tracking your calories and see where your favourite foods fit in.

We’ve put together a list of some popular foods and their calories. Print this list out and put it on your fridge or in your wallet so you can reference it anytime!

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  1. Ramona Reply

    Really appreciate the bits of information that keep coming through. Keeps me focused.

  2. Deb Reply

    I am eating so well ! It’s giving me lots of energy ! I really am ready to step it up a bit with my exercise!

  3. Sharmayne Reply

    This is really useful to pop on the fridge for a quick reminder!!!

  4. Lisa O'Neill Reply

    What a great reference! Just at the right time too.

  5. Judi Mclachlan Reply

    Really struggling this round as unexpected bills have meant less for food and my scales broke down so I am really anxious that I may not be losing weight as I would like because I can not check it

    1. Leila Nemra Reply

      Hi Judi – We are really sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment. Life definitely throws curve balls to keep us on our toes. Please take the stress of food bills off your plate (so to speak) by keeping your Meal Plans super simple. Choose one or two of our recipes (or a healthy cereal) to have each and every day. A salad with lean meat wrap or sandwich (home-made) or a 12WBT salad or extra meal can be your lunch each day with one of our soups, curries, salad recipes for dinner. Many of our Freezable recipes are great to make in bulk, portion and freeze. They are usually the super cheap ingredient ones too (i.e lasagna etc). Choose some cheap healthy snack options (i.e yoghurt, nuts, fruit, vegetables etc) and you can continue to make huge strides towards your goals whilst minimising spending at the checkout. In regards to your home scales. Is it possible to ask any of your friends if you can borrow theirs OR go around once a week to weigh yourself? Alternatively many Dr’s surgeries and pharmacies have scales you could use (if asked) for free once a week. Your Fitness Test, clothes fit, photos and measurements are a much better monitor of progress though, so if you are unable to weigh yourself, trust in the process and those tests every 4 weeks (and monitor your clothing) to see how you are progressing in terms of body fat losses. You’ve got this Judi!

      All the best,
      12WBT Support Crew

  6. Sharalynne Robertson Reply

    I struggle with a glass on red wine being less calories than 20 almonds!! I’m trying to eat healthy and may as well drink then eat the nuts ha ha

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