From couch to City2Surf

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

Kate before losing 30kgA year ago if someone had told Kate that she would be running in the City2Surf she would have laughed in their face! But here she is 30kg lighter, pumped and ready to run the whole 14km in just a few short days!

“I’ve always been dead set afraid of exercise and been on the slightly overweight side for most of my life,” says Kate. “A stressful job meant that my weight ballooned – I was unhealthy, did no exercise, took no care of myself and was completely miserable.  

Last year I decided to sort myself out once and for all. I signed up for the 12WBT and as the weight fell off, my fitness increased. It was so easy to follow and the most valuable part of the program was the mindset lessons that helped me break old patterns of excuses and self-doubt.”

For the past 34 years Kate says she had convinced herself that she couldn’t run, that she had no natural talent, that she was not fit. What the 12WBT has helped her realise is that we are whatever we tell ourselves we are.  In a nutshell, the 12WBT has helped Kate to stop putting a cap on her own potential.

So 30kg lighter, with a few fun runs under her belt,
Kate has set herself the Kate 30kg lighterchallenge of completing the iconic City2Surf this weekend, the longest distance she has ever attempted.

Kate says: “I have been waking up at night in a cold sweat just thinking about the dreaded Heartbreak Hill! This is the biggest running challenge I’ve ever set myself and will require me to dig super deep and pull out the JFDI card on myself! But I’ve done the work and when I cross that finish line, I will have proven to myself that know that with effort, hard work and consistency I can train my body to do things that I never thought possible – how freaking good is that?!”

Kate’s tips for race day:

  • Drink coconut water before the race starts to keep you really hydrated – it always feels like the drink stations don’t come fast enough!
  • Have an awesome play list – I plan mine meticulously, choosing loads of old favourites and plenty of great power songs that I know will help keep me moving and reflecting on the great things I have achieved.
  • Have a big sleep the night before and get up as early as possible so you have plenty of time to prepare and get there, ensuring you are on time and relaxed at the start line!

The 12 Week Body Transformation offers running programs for all levels, from Learn to Run, Train for a 10km Fun Run and Train for a Half Marathon. Find out more about 12WBT Exercise Plans.