The Power of the 12WBT Community

Making real change happen is so much easier if you have support, which is why my 12WBT Community is SUCH a big part of my members’ success – on our website, in social media and at our live events. Wherever you are, we’ve got your back every step of the way. We’re One Big Family!

The Member Zone is the hub of my 12WBT Community. You can connect with your teammates, get tips and advice and share your experiences with each other. Plus, many of my 12WBTers say the Member Zone helps them stay accountable and on track. You can also ask my expert Support Crew anything you like. They are constantly in the Member Zone to share their invaluable knowledge, so don’t be shy!

Find a Crew for You

If you’re looking to connect with other 12WBTers in your area or find teammates who share a similar goal, 12WBT Crews are for you! My members have formed Crews around Australia (and the globe) where they encourage each other, share goals and even work out together – and some even make lifelong friends.

My members come together for events throughout the entire year for community events like the Mother’s Day Classic or Miss Muddy. On the 12WBT website members list events all across Australia, creating opportunities for 12WBTers to join in together.

Get Inspired with Success Stories

My members are the most amazing, inspirational, butt-kicking group of people I’ve ever met. They’ve achieved some seriously big goals – from losing weight and entering fun runs, to running marathons and improving their health out of sight! Make a cuppa, sit down and check out some of their Success Stories – I know you’ll be as inspired as I am.