The Benefits of 12WBT Pre-Season

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

Pre-Season for 12WBT Round 1 2013 kicked off today! Pre-Season goes for four weeks and is a key part of the 12WBT program. Each week you are given two activities that prepare you mentally and physically for the 12 weeks coming up. Nail these and you’ll have begun transforming yourself before the Round even begins!

There’s a HUGE link between the members that complete the Pre-Season tasks and those that have a lot of success within the 12WBT program. I could go on and on about how amazing Pre-Season is (because it is!) but instead I went to Twitter to see what 12WBT members past and present had to say about this part of the 12WBT!







The response was overwhelmingly positive! Get involved in Pre-Season now and start putting in place the roadmap to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You can sign up here.