Five Ways to Earn Your Burn

Fitness // 12WBT Staff

We hear it all the time: “I’m short on time, what can I do?!”, or “I don’t have time for a full workout, so what’s the point?”. If you’ve said (or thought) this, we have news for you. Even if you don’t have much time, you can STILL work your muscles and burn those calories!

1. Five minute abs workout

This abs session will blast your core and get you engaged and feeling great.

The workout:

  • Plank 30 sec
  • Mountain Climbers 10
  • Plank 30 sec
  • Mountain Climbers 20
  • Plank 30 sec
  • Mountain Climbers 30
  • AMRAP Bicycle Crunch
  • Rest 60 seconds


2. Butt Carver Workout 1

Getting that booty in shape with a workout may look simple…but this butt blast will have you working up a sweat in no time.

The workout:

  • Backwards lunge x 12 (each side)
  • Squat jumps x 12
  • Wag The Tail x 6 (each side)
  • Rest and REPEAT x 3!

3. Butt Carver Workout 2

TABATA training is all about getting a LOT done, in a short time….and this second butt workout has it all. You’ll definitely feel the burn. Do this workout regularly and watch that booty tighten and get strong.

The workout:

  • Leg pull back – 40 sec/20sec rest
  • Backwards lunge – 40 sec/20 sec rest
  • Hip Raises (single & Double leg) – 40 sec/ 20 sec rest
  • Repeat circuit for 9 minutes.
  • Extra challenge: Do all hip raises with the single leg option (harder than double leg!!).

4. Fast-Blast Workout

Who said you can’t do much in five minutes? Follow this Fast-Blast Workout and smash your entire body for a minute each. Trust us, it hurts! But you can do anything for five minutes.


5. No-Wobble Workout

Say see ya to those wobbly bits by doing this routine regularly. Why not do it first thing every morning? Brush your teeth and then get into it!


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