12WBT 30+ Crew: Living Amazing Lives

Community // Heather // 27 November 2012

Measurements of success come in so many different forms, which is why the  12WBT is so much more than numbers on scales…

Across the country 12WBT members are doing some pretty amazing things! These ladies from the 30+ Crew (people with 30kg or more to lose) have taken back control of not only their eating and exercise, but their confidence and self esteem and are living and loving life!



  1. Sharon Visser Reply

    Wow what an achievement very inspiring for a first rounder who has 50+ kgs to lose well done to all

  2. Jenny Eales Reply

    I love this, but the biggest thing for me is. I also iron pillowcases!

  3. Dawn Reply

    SOOOOOOOO Inspiring it mad me cry happy tears for all of those beautiful women that have changed their lives. You are all an inspiration!!

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