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I keep coming back for more, as I love the Program.

Achievements: Losing 27kgs over the past 18 months - I didn't believe I'd ever be a size 10 again. I have learnt to enjoy exercising and make it a normal part of my day. I have renewed my interest in cooking, and have learnt to make healthy food choices, including cutting down on alcohol and fast-foods. show more

Why come back for more? The exercise plans are varied and easy to follow. I love using the app or videos for workouts, and am now looking forward to running (I never thought I'd say that!) Chatting with other members and the crew on the forums is also great as you realise you are not alone, it provides wonderful encouragement. show more

I still have things I want to achieve and why do it alone if you don't have to?

Achievements: By the end of my first Round I had lost almost 15kgs and could run 5kms without stopping! I have lost almost 40kgs while on 12WBT. Having successfully completed a half marathon, I am now training for my first marathon! My attitude to food, eating, the world and myself has become more balanced and mindful. But my biggest achievement has been discovering that I am worth the effort. This has positively impacted on every single area of my life. show more

Why come back for more? My story isn't over yet. The support that you get through 12WBT and its communities is phenomenal. The menu plans (and shopping lists) make life so easy! The exercise plans are well thought out and cover all the bases to minimise injury and prepare you in the best possible way for whatever event or goal you are striving to reach. show more

No matter what my fitness level or weight loss objectives are, there is always a Program that meets my needs.

Achievements: My achievements include losing 60kg, running my first 4km fun run, being able to say no to chocolate, climbing an Andean volcano, kayaking in Antarctica and enjoying life again. However the biggest achievement of all is never giving up because I am worth it. show more

Why come back for more? Because delicious food options, mindset videos and the support from the 12WBT crew and members community enable me to achieve my goals. show more

Round two was more about mindset than weight loss for me. Although it's an online program, I never feel like I am alone.

Achievements: After losing my husband to cancer I was stuck in emotional eating. With 12WBT I started watching my words and concentrated on talking to the inner child in a loving way, which helped with my feelings of sadness. Now if I crave chocolate (my biggest weakness) I'll ask myself what do I really need. I have lost over 20kgs and more than 60cm. I have joined a Dragon Boat Club and the 12WBT Runners Group on Facebook - I plan to do some fun runs soon! show more

Why come back for more? I used to think it wasn't worth cooking for one, but have learnt how quick, nutritious and delicious food is to prepare. The exercise programs are great and offer so many options to change the difficulty level; the videos that Mish puts out weekly are so uplifting. show more

12WBT just keeps getting better and better.

Achievements: I have nailed my nutrition; I no longer buy junk food or alcohol, so I don't binge anymore. My cravings and shopping habits have changed; I now read the labels on food and am more confident when cooking delicious and nutritious meals for my family. I have better willpower, more self-respect, and an awareness of what I am doing to my body. show more

Why come back for more? 12WBT gives me the tools and the recipes to be self-sufficient; it gives a sense of accomplishment. As my life changes so do my needs, and 12WBT always has a program that meets my needs, plus I still have goals to achieve! The staff at 12WBT are fantastic! You can build such a great rapport with them - they always answer questions so you never feel isolated. show more

Top Reasons To Do Another Round

  • Haven't hit your goal yet? Get cracking and finish what you started.
  • Ready for a new goal? There are over 15 Programs to choose from.
  • Not ready to go out on your own? Another 12 weeks will set you up for success.

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