Pregnancy Weight Loss

There's never a more important time to be healthy than before and during pregnancy.

While your main focus should be on eating well and living a healthy lifestyle to ensure the optimum health of your baby, pregnancy is also a great time to improve your own overall wellbeing.

The habits and healthy eating practices you start during pre-conception and pregnancy could well develop into a healthier lifestyle in the future. Your health goal during this time should not be weight loss, but rather maximising your nutritional intake and remaining active.

With that in mind, our 12WBT experts can help you become the healthiest person you can be with essential pregnancy diet and exercise advice, ensuring a healthy pregnancy from conception to birth.

Want to have a baby? Boost your fertility and improve your chances of falling pregnant by following our healthy diet and lifestyle tips. You're pregnant? Congratulations! We'll help you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight and stay fit safely while you're expecting with our pregnancy exercise ideas.

You'll essential pregnancy diet and exercise advicealso find out how to control those cravings, what foods to eat and what to avoid to ensure your growing baby gets all the nutrients it needs whilst avoiding food-born illnesses. Armed with all this knowledge, you'll stay fit and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Fertility and Diet

If you want to have a baby and do all you can to get pregnant quickly and healthily, there's a lot you can do to boost your fertility before you get pregnant. Both men and women can improve their chances of having a baby with a healthy diet and controlled weight loss.

Studies show diet is a key factor in falling pregnant, improving both egg and sperm health and the likelihood of conceiving. Eating the right foods to boost your fertility, as well as lowering your intake of processed food and alcohol and losing those extra kilos all help.

We have all the expert advice to help you to start your pregnancy. Learn why weight loss will improve your chances of conceiving and what you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy.

We discuss which foods to eat and which to avoid for optimum fertility whilst avoiding food-born illnesses.

Learn how to ensure your baby has the best start in life and your body is ready for pregnancy in our discussion of fertility and diet.

Normal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Gaining weight is a normal and healthy part of the pregnancy process. But how much pregnancy weight is too much and how much is too little?

Not gaining enough weight or having a few extra kilos can lead to complications during pregnancy and birth, and affect the health of both you and your baby. While losing excess weight before getting pregnant will improve your fertility and health, losing weight should not be your main aim during pregnancy.

We tell you how to calculate the ideal number of kilos you should gain during pregnancy. Find out how to track your pregnancy weight gain during the first, second and third trimesters, including where it all goes in your body.

Learn what types of food you should be eating and those you should be avoiding during pregnancy. There are also great tips on what to eat if you suffer from morning sickness, plus ideas for healthy snacks when you feel a craving coming on.

We also break down some myths about diet (hold the double serves!) and how much is just right for your body and baby to ensure normal weight gain during pregnancy.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Many women find themselves anxious about exercise during pregnancy and confused about what exercises are best.

Whether you an avid exerciser and want to keep up your fitness routine during pregnancy or a casual walker, exercising has many health benefits for pregnant women. Staying active while pregnant can assist with stress relief, weight control and improve overall health for you and your baby.

We've compiled all you need to know about working out during pregnancy including what types of exercise are safe, what to avoid, and how to adapt workouts to your changing body through each trimester.

We bust some major myths (yes, you can keep running!) and detail the best pregnancy exercises for your body and level of fitness. From those who have never exercised before to those who work out all the time, there is something for everyone.

Learn how to improve or maintain your overall fitness during pregnancy, keep a healthy body and mind and strengthen your pelvic floor - a key muscle group during pregnancy. We also tell you what to look out for to keep you and your baby safe when you exercise during pregnancy, including important precautions and warning signs on when to stop.

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

It's easy to get confused about what to eat when you're ‘eating for two’. A healthy diet is the most important way you can help your body during pregnancy and give your baby the best start in life. Eating well can help you stay healthy during pregnancy and give your baby all the vital nutrients it needs.

We let you know what foods to eat and what to avoid and outline the essential nutrients you need to have a healthy pregnancy and to boost your own health and wellbeing while providing all the vital nourishment for your growing baby. Read our expert advice on which nutrients are key for pregnant women and why they are important for optimum body function during pregnancy.

You'll also learn the main foods to avoid when pregnant to ensure you don't catch any nasty infections or ingest toxins that may be harmful to your baby. We also detail how much of each nutrient you need and the types of foods to ensure you are getting enough and help you.

Stay healthy during pregnancy with our essential plan for healthy eating during pregnancy.