Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

There's more to post-pregnancy weight loss than just hitting the gym and watching what you eat.

Now that you've taken bub home and are settling into life as a new mum, you're probably itching to squeeze back into your favourite pair of skinny jeans. But before you dive back into any type of physical activity or change your diet you need some expert advice.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get back to your pre-baby weight, and our 12WBT experts are here to help you.

You have to give your body time to recover. If you're breastfeeding, you also need to consider your baby's nutritional needs. And just like when you were trying to conceive and during your pregnancy, a healthy diet is an absolute must.

We explain how diet, exercise and even sleep can help you reach your pre-baby weight. Learn how breastfeeding fits into your weight loss plans. Find out exactly how many extra calories you need to keep up with your baby's nutritional needs and the best way to deal with cravings.

We also have a great post pregnancy workout routine that gets your baby in on the action and makes it a fun bonding experience for both of you.

We're here to help you make the most of these crucial months with your new baby and achieve your post pregnancy weight loss goals.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips

Ready to get back into pre-pregnancy shape? Once you've given birth, there are plenty of steps you can take and none of them need to be drastic. In fact, they shouldn't be - your body needs time to recover. Go gently at first and let nature take its course: your body will kick into weight loss mode as your uterus contracts over the first six weeks, helping to naturally flatten out your belly.

Then, once you've received the all-clear from your doctor, you can gradually build up to a regular exercise routine incorporating walks, weights and workouts. Diet will play a major role in your weight loss regimen, but extreme post pregnancy diets are dangerous, so don't even go there. Focus instead on fresh whole foods and healthy snacks, and make sure you're getting the calories you need.

Breastfeeding can kick-start weight loss for many new mums, and so can a good night's sleep. If you're still having trouble shedding those extra kilos several months into a healthy post-pregnancy weight loss plan, we've got advice for that, as part of our post pregnancy weight loss tips.

Losing Weight While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and weight loss can go hand in hand, but it's important to shed those kilos in a way that is safe for both you and your new baby. Our 12WBT experts tell you everything you need to know about calculating your calorie requirements depending on how often you feed your baby; how to control cravings and hunger pangs; which foods you need to eat more of and which ones you need to avoid; and the best way to top up on all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients you require.

Keen to get back into training? Find out how to work it into your breastfeeding routine. And we share the top 7 ways to stay on course with a healthy breastfeeding diet and post pregnancy weight loss routine, from how to tackle your grocery shopping to the best time of day to go out and get moving.

Getting Fit With Baby

Postnatal exercise has multiple benefits besides weight loss, from boosting your energy and improving your mood to building your stamina and speeding up the post-delivery recovery process.

Once you and your doctor have decided you're ready to start your exercise program, use our guide to figure out where to begin and which forms of postnatal exercise are safe for weight loss. We also give you an exercise with baby program that uses your most valuable weight loss tool - your baby!

Learn how to incorporate your bundle of joy into your routine, not only to deepen your bonding process but also to use baby's weight to add extra resistance to squats, lunges, planks, pushups and bicep curls. Our plan will work all the major muscles in your body and build your core strength to help you cope even better with life as a new mum. You're already picking your baby up hundreds of times a day – let us make it really work for you and get fit with baby!

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