• 4 Serves
  • 10 min prep time
  • 15 min cooking
  • 263 Cal / serve

Satay sauce is usually a big 'no no' but this healthy and tasty version breaks all the rules! Using peanut butter, reduced-fat coconut cream, soy sauce and garlic, this healthy satay sauce is just as yummy as the original. Lean chicken thigh fillets provide the protein while simple salad vegies add some healthy crunch. This recipe serves 4 but you can multiply the quantities and serve these at a cocktail or dinner party. They're sure to be a hit with your guests. Best of all this recipe is easy to put together in under half an hour. The kids will love it too so why not try it for dinner mid-week? Go for it!


  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter, No Added Sugar Or Salt (40g)
  • 4 Teaspoons Reduced Salt Soy Sauce (20g)
  • 2 Cloves Garlic (6g), crushed
  • 80g Reduced Fat Coconut Cream
  • 1 Red Chilli (10g)
  • 500g Lean Chicken Thigh Fillets, cut into long strips
  • 1g Olive Oil Spray
  • 1 Red Capsicum (92g), finely sliced
  • 1 Red Onion (89g), finely sliced
  • 80g Mixed Salad Leaves


    1. Stir peanut butter, soy sauce and garlic in a small saucepan over low heat until smooth. Stir in coconut cream and chilli. Whisk gently over low heat for 4 minutes or until smooth and heated through. Cover to keep warm.
    2. Thread chicken onto 12 skewers. Preheat a large non-stick chargrill or frying pan over medium-high heat. Lightly spray chicken with oil, and cook for 4-5 minutes each side or until golden and cooked through.
    3. Toss capsicum and red onion with salad leaves. Divide between plates, top with skewers and drizzle with satay sauce.

    Mish Tips

    • If using wooden skewers, soak for 15 minutes to prevent burning.
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