Member Zone Guidelines

The 12WBT Member Zone is designed to be a supportive, safe and secure place to connect with other team mates and share your journey, so please abide by the following guidelines.


  • Treat each other with kindness and respect at all times. We are in this together, but we are all unique with our own way of doing things.
  • Feel free to brag about your accomplishments, or share your difficulties.
  • Support your fellow teammates in their journey.
  • Leave the fitness advice and the tough love to me and my Support Crew!

Do Not:

  • Post or upload content that may be owned by someone else, might be misleading or that any of our other members might find offensive. Full rules regarding posting content are in our site terms.
  • Make anyone feel uncomfortable about something they have posted or a question they have asked.
  • Use the Member Zone in order to advertise, promote, market or solicit on behalf of any other business, (except for charities)
  • Post the same question to multiple threads. That makes the Member Zone crowded and less interesting.
  • Provide any advice of a medical nature or discuss any medical treatments or medications.
  • Provide any advice of a psychological nature, if you are concerned about a team mate's welfare, please contact my team.

If you think another member is not following these guidelines please let us know. We will remove posts that are against the spirit of these Guidelines. If a member does not follow the 12WBT or these guidelines, I won't hesitate to kick them off my team!

Mish Xx