12WBT Daily App

12WBT Daily App

Your Ultimate Transformation Companion

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12WBT Phone App

Here at 12WBT we’ve been working our butts off to deliver you the ULTIMATE transformation companion - our 12WBT Daily App. And we’re so excited to announce it’s now available in the App Store.

12WBT Daily is:

  • Your Daily Tracker. Just tap to track your exercise, meals, calories, your water intake and even your sleep and mood!
  • Your Daily Motivator. We’re with you every step of the way – to keep you focussed and excited about healthy eating and regular exercise
  • No more printed pages. Simply view your daily meals and recipes, and just press play to watch your downloaded workouts come to life!

Any iPhone user can download the 12WBT Daily App, BUT content is only available for members in a current round. 12WBT Daily is currently available only on iOS.