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What does 12WBT Daily offer?

12WBT Daily is an iPhone App designed to support your 12WBT journey by providing access to key daily tasks. It’s the perfect companion to your program: view your day’s Exercise and Meal Plans and track your food, workouts, sleep and mood with a single tap. Plus the new interactive Workout Player will guide you through your workout anywhere, at anytime, so no more excuses!

12WBT Daily interactive workout

For more information check out the 12WBT Daily page here and this video.

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Do you need to be a 12WBT member to download 12WBT Daily?

The first thing you will be asked to do upon opening the app for the first time is login. So, while you don’t need to be a member to download the app you will need to be a member of a current Round to login and take advantage of all it can do.

What devices/apps can I connect with 12WBT Daily?

Like the 12WBT website, you can connect your My Fitness Pal and Fitbit accounts with 12WBT Daily.

To connect your My Fitness Pal and Fitbit accounts, you will need to first head to the website. Go to your your profile picture > My Account > Connected Apps, select ‘Connect’ next to the app of your choice and follow the prompts.

What data will come through, we hear you say. Here’s the low down:

- Exercise (and associated calories burnt). Note that Fitbit doesn’t send us the number of steps, flights of stairs etc, only workouts you have manually logged in Fitbit.
- Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Drinks – total calorie intake for each meal)
- Water
- Sleep


- Exercise (and associated calories burnt)
- Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Drinks – total calorie intake for each meal)

MyFitnessPal connects with a large collections of apps: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/apps. You can suck in entries from the these apps to your My Tracker via MyFitnessPal. My Tracker only pulls the following types of entries: calories burnt and calories consumed.

Why do I have to download the videos on the 12WBT Daily app?

Downloading the videos will allow you to access them whenever you are in an area where WI-FI or data is not available.

You can download the videos day by day or for the week, then head out to do your workout – wherever that may be – now with everything you need literally in hand!

Can I download the 12WBT Daily App on my device?

12WBT Daily is available from the Apple App Store. You will need to have an iPhone 4s or above with iOS 8 or higher installed.

Download the 12WBT Daily

Do my customised recipes show up on the 12WBT Daily app?

You betcha! Customise your Meal Plan from the website and these changes will be available on the app. Just pull down on the Day View to refresh the app, and hello customised Meal Plan.

How big will the video files I need to download be on the 12WBT Daily app?

The size of the download for a full workout can range from 10MB to 25MB. The download includes individual videos of each exercise so if your workouts throughout the week include the same exercise the existing video for that exercise will just be reused rather than downloading the same file again. What this means is that as the week goes on the size of the download for each workout will decrease in size. By Saturday, there might not be anything left to download and you will be able to jump straight in by hitting ‘Play’.

How do I track a non-12WBT food/workout in the 12WBT Daily app?

Eaten something different to what’s on your daily plan? Or exercised to the beat of your own drum? No problem, you can still track this in 12WBT Daily.

To track your custom workout, at the top of the day view tap on ‘Burned’ from the white banner. Select ‘Add workout’ and then tap ‘Custom’ in the top right hand corner. Don’t forget to hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of your screen when you’re done. You can also do this by tapping the blue ‘+’ button in the bottom right of your screen and tapping the icon of the running man:

Tracking a custom food is much the same. Click on ‘Consumed’ from the white banner or the cutlery icon after tapping the blue ‘+’ button. Select ‘Add food’ under the correct meal (breakfast, lunch, etc) and tap ‘Custom’ in the top right of your screen.

You do also have the ability to search non-12WBT food/workouts. Once you tap ‘Add Food/Workout’ you can then use the search field to find what you’re looking for.

Please note: The day view is a reflection of the plan prescribed to you for that day. Any custom entries you add to My Tracker will not be displayed on the day view.

Will my weigh in results appear on the 12WBT Daily app and the website?

Absolutely! If you enter your weekly checkpoint results on 12WBT Daily this information will sync with the website and vice versa. To view your results on the app, you will just need to navigate to Wednesday of that week, or tap on your profile picture to view your weigh in info as a graph.

Can I enter my Fitness Test and Measure Up results on the 12WBT Daily app?

Yes, you can! On Wednesday of a Mini Milestone week (weeks 4, 8 and 12) an option to enter your results will be displayed at the top of your day view. If you don’t get a chance to enter your results on that day, you will just need to swipe back to the Wednesday of the Mini Milestone week to record your results.

The reps are too fast/slow for me on the 12WBT Daily app interactive workout player

The pace of exercises in the interactive workout player is deliberate and has been set by our Fitness Expert. This has been done to ensure you are completing each exercise with the correct form and technique at a controlled tempo. Stick to these timings and you’re sure to get a good workout, injury free.

Do you have an App for Android?

At this stage 12WBT Daily app is currently only available on iPhone. We know our Android users are also eager to have an app, and while we don’t currently have plans for one, all the 12WBT program features are available on your mobile, tablet and computer by entering https://go.12wbt.com/login into your browser.

How do I skip an exercise or rest on the 12WBT Daily app interactive workout player?

We encourage you to follow the workout as it plays to get the best possible workout. However, if you have to skip an exercise, or want to push through the rest periods, you can swipe left or use the forward and backward buttons to move between exercises.

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