Recommended House Rules for Crew Admins

Recommended House Rules for Crew Admins

These House Rules have been recommended by 12WBT to ensure the Facebook Crews remain a healthy, safe and fun environment for all. Therefore, before you join the group discussion we ask that you add your name to this House Rules document to let us know that you have read them and agree to abide by them.

Please Note: If you break the rules of this Group the admins have the right to remove you from the Group and/or remove any posts which break the House Rules.

As a member of this page:

  • I will not post any illegal, threatening, intimidating, humiliating, bullying, discriminatory, harassing, abusive, offensive, defamatory, racially or sexually vilifying, obscene, pornographic or indecent material of any kind.
  • I will not share 12WBT’s Intellectual Property such as workout plans or recipes.
  • I will not share any photos, information or personal discussions that are posted to this group, outside of this page.
  • I will respect and support the members of the group without prejudice or judgement. Personal attacks are unacceptable. We are here to support each other.
  • I will not spam.
  • I will encourage and motivate other members to be the best versions of themselves.

As part of all crew members committing to supporting members of the group, we encourage all crew members to report any comment or content that you have seen in the Group that violates the house rules. You can do this by getting in contact with one of the admins (the easiest way is clicking ‘report to admin’ on the post you are concerned about) or emailing with a screen shot attached if possible.

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