Can I do the Program if..(other concerns)

I don't want to lose weight?

Absolutely, even if your goals aren’t weight loss focused, you can still participate in a round of 12WBT!  We have an increasing number of members who continue to do the 12WBT Program round after orund, once they have achieved their goal weight, as well as members who joined already at their goal weight - so you will not be alone!

When you sign up to the round, you simply choose the level of daily calorie allowance that will enable your body to maintain its weight.  So if you are not wanting to lose weight, your Meal Plan will have a higher daily calorie allowance, to ensure you don’t. Easy!

We look forward to having you on board the 12WBT team.

I don't prepare my own food?

The 12WBT Meal Plans are set to daily caloric allowances, so if you are not able to prepare your own meals, then it just takes a little more pre-planning than if you were cooking for yourself, to ensure that you stay within your allowance.  

We recommend you pick up a copy of Michelle’s Australian Calorie Counter book (available from all good bookstores) so you can start to track how many calories the foods and drinks you do have access to, contain. Then grab a little notebook and a pen, and start to track how many calories you are taking in a day. Starting this in the Pre-Season period is perfect, because you have time to get a decent block of your eating/drinking to analyse. Write down everything  you eat and drink in a day, and at the end of the day, using your calorie counter book, you can work out how many calories you took in each day. Compare that to your 12WBT recommended daily allowance and you will be able to see how many calories you need to reduce in your daily food and drink consumption, and then you’ll be in a position to work out exactly how you are going to do that.

While this might seem a little full on at first, keeping a food diary is something that is really helpful, no matter if you are following the 12WBT Meal Plans exactly as they stand or not. In fact we encourage all our members to keep a food diary for the first month, and then to do regular weekly re-checks each month – as it really does help keep you accountable. That managerial business theory holds true here – if you don’t measure, you can’t manage!

You will find that very soon you will start to remember what the calorie count of certain foods are – a cup of coffee with milk, a steak, a sandwich etc and it will take less and less time to work out your daily amount, and also to work out how to reduce calories to stay within your daily calorie allowance.

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I am a shift worker?

Yes, we have lots of shift workers as members, so you will receive lots of support and advice when you join! Being consistent with your training and nutrition is key. Plan each day to ensure you can. We recommend that you treat your shift days exactly like a normal day. So for example, say you had a night shift, your ‘day’ might look like this:

  • 2.30pm Wake Up
  • 3pm Breakfast
  • 4.30pm Train
  • 6 – 6.30pm Snack
  • 8pm Start work
  • 8.30 – 9.30pm Lunch
  • 11.30 – 12pm Snack
  • 2-3am Dinner
  • 5-5.30am Snack (protein shake with water)
  • 6am Home
  • 8am Bed (sleep for the ‘night’)

Check out this video from Mish for even more reassurance.

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I live overseas?

Yes! There are members from all over the world doing the 12WBT and achieving great results. We have a dedicated “Find a Buddy” Group in the Member Zone where you can shout out for your local area – you might be surprised at who else is doing 12WBT right around the corner from you!

I am going on holidays?

Yes, you can still do the 12WBT while on holiday. We have had members complete previous rounds while on holidays and still achieve great results. If you are careful with your calorie intake and continue to watch your portion sizes and alcohol intake you may still lose weight. Walking each day (sightseeing!), doing the Workout Videos or using the hotel gym are great ways to stay active while on holidays.

Check out this video for even more suggestions about nutrition while on holidays!

The round has closed?

The 12WBT is designed so that everyone starts together and finishes the program together. Michelle runs multiple rounds per year, visit to find out when the next sign up period starts.

I am a male?

Yes absolutely men can participate in the 12WBT Program. In fact, we have specific Fitness Program and Meal Plan options for our male members!

Once you sign up and set up your account, by entering your gender you will then receive all the plans specifically for men. You can choose any of our Fitness Programs and the Exercise Plans will be male specific (ie the weight level recommendations).

Our Calorie Levels for men include the following options:
1800 Calories per day: For men wanting to lose weight on the Beginner, Intermediate, Fit for Fifty or Learn to Run programs.
2000 Calories per day: For men wanting to maintain their weight on the Advanced, Lean & Strong, 10k Running, 10k Running Advanced, 1/2 Marathon, 1/2 Marathon Advanced or Marathon programs OR those wanting to lose weight on the Move programs.

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I am a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor?

While you are able to take part in the 12WBT as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor, you are not allowed to promote your business within the site or distribute 12WBT programs, recipes or other content to non-members. Your participation in the12WBT is strictly to be for personal purposes only. Any breach of 12WBT Terms and Conditions is taken seriously and will result in your membership being suspended.

I am breastfeeding?

Yes, you can join 12WBT while you are breastfeeding, in fact we have a Meal & Exercise Plan specifically for you!

While breastfeeding, your energy and nutrient needs are increased due the extra calories required for milk production. Everybody will be different in what they require but we recommend that you follow the 12WBT Breastfeeding Meal Plan (1800 calories/day) as base. Your baby will receive the nutrition needed for growth and development, while allowing you to shape up and tone.

The Post-Baby Fitness Program will provide a safe and realistic way to return to exercise after birth (we know hard-core workouts and no sleep don’t always mix!). The exercises in the Post-Baby Exercise Plan are designed to re-awaken the core, improve strength, balance and fitness and boost your energy levels, without compromising your milk supply.

You’ll also have access to great Mindset Videos and support in our online Community, the Member Zone, so that you can enjoy this time with your bub, while working towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

Come and be a part of the 12WBT family!

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