What's the difference between the Move, Beginner, Intermediate and Fit for Fifty programs?

The Move program is the entry level program for 12WBT. The exercises in its Exercise Plans are all low impact and low intensity, and the Fitness Program itself is comprised of 4-5 days of exercise rather than 6. The Move program is the perfect program for those people who have never exercised before, haven’t exercised in a long time or who have injuries and/or health concerns that requires them to introduce a fitness routine very gently.

The Move 2 program is a direct step up from Move. It has slightly longer and more challenging training sessions but remains as a low intensity program with the option of ‘picking up the pace’ towards the end of the round. Move 2 is comprised of 5 days of exercise per week. It is the perfect lead into the Beginners program.

The Move programs’ Meal Plans have a higher recommended daily calorie allowance than our other Weight Loss programs (1800 calories per day for women and 2000 calories per day for men). They have been designed to be an achievable entry point into following a calorie controlled way of eating.

The Beginner program follows a 6 day per week Fitness Program and is most often paired with the following calorie levels; 1200 calories per day for women and 1800 calories per day for men. Its Exercise Plans contain both low and high impact exercises and are more physically intense than the Move 2 program’s Exercise Plans.

The Intermediate program also follows a 6 day per week Fitness Program, and also most often paired with the 1,200 calorie level for women and 1800 calorie level for men.  It is a good option for those already exercising with some intensity at least 2-3 times per week over at least three months.

The Fit for Fifty program is our program designed for those members who are approaching the major milestone of turning the big 5-0 or are already in their fifties.  The Exercise Plans including five workout days per week, targeting a specific set of needs for middle age, with a combination of cardio, strength and toning with a focus on specific needs such flexibility, balance and bone density. The Fit for Fifty program’s Meal Plans have a daily calorie allowance of 1500 for women and 1800 for men. They have been designed for weight maintenance or modest weight loss, and in line with established guidelines for overall nutrition.

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