I am a quadriplegic?

As the 12WBT Exercise Plans are general in nature and we are unable to make individual modifications, we advise any potential new members with health conditions, injuries or mobility issues to seek advice and medical clearance from their doctor or other health care professional prior to joining. Given the nature or your specific circumstances, your ability to exercise would need to be determined by someone who is able to assess you in person and who ideally specialises in rehabilitation or ongoing work with people who are quadriplegic.

The good news is that if your goal is weight loss you are absolutely able to follow the 12WBT Meal Plans regardless of your capacity to exercise, provided that whoever prepares your meals is in a position to use the Meal Plans. As weight loss is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, a great start is to properly follow the 12WBT Meal Plan. While we strongly advise that 12WBTers participate in the Exercise Plan where possible, some members with weight loss goals have found in the past that simply sticking to the Meal Plan and watching the Mindset Lessons have been enough to lose weight.

Many 12WBTers have been impacted by various injuries and health issues and have still be able to see some excellent results by adapting the Program as needed and by focusing more on the Meal Plans so you certainly wouldn’t be on your own in this regard.

We hope that this assists with making an informed decision about signing up for the next Round of 12WBT and we wish you all the best with your health goals.

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