I am wheelchair bound?

You can absolutely still participate in 12WBT, provided you have clearance from your health professional/s to be part of a structured fitness and nutrition program.

While the 12WBT Program is general in nature, and we are unable to make individual modifications, members are absolutely able to modify their plans to suit their abilities.  You might for example, swap the existing cardio exercises for say swimming, if this is manageable, or you can include the use of your wheelchair as part of your cardio sessions if there is somewhere you feel safe and stable enough to get your heart rate up.  You can also modify the Exercise Plans to have more upper body exercises, with the use of the 12WBT Exercise Index.

Many Members have been impacted by various injuries and health issues and have achieved excellent results by adapting the Exercise Plans as needed. It’s important you speak with your Medical Team about best options for you (including adapting exercises) and then our PTs can help guide you from there.

Remember you are able to follow the 12WBT Meal Plans, watch the Mindset Videos, and post in our online community, the Member Zone regardless of your capacity to exercise.  If your goal is weight loss, then the great news is that just by following the Meal Plans as they prescribed, you will be able to get weight loss results – because 80% of weight loss is through good nutrition.

We hope to have you on board for the next round of 12WBT!

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