Is it a good idea to do a round of 12WBT over Christmas?

Although at first glance, it might seem as though doing a round of 12WBT over Christmas and the New Year could be a cause for concern, it’s actually a really good time to jump on board – here are some of the top reasons why!

  • This is actually a great time to be eating well and exercising – no more starting the New Year feeling bloated and lethargic after overindulging – and no need to make that New Year’s resolution to lose weight.
  • Christmas and New Year is a time where we entertain, and 12WBT have taken that into account – creating great meals that include Christmas dinner, desserts, canapes and even cocktails so you won’t feel deprived.
  • 12WBT is offering a lifeline through what is a very tricky time of year – giving that guidance that we all need to stay on track.
  • You can eat, drink and be merry, without blowing out – and 12WBT will guide you through how to do this.

So come and join us, be part of the 12WBT family and enjoy your  Christmas and New Years wholeheartedly!

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