Are the 12WBT meals easy to make?

We understand that you’re busy and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen!  That’s why we make sure all the 12WBT recipes are easy to make, even if you are new to cooking.

The preparation time for most of our meals is 20 minutes or less, and the cooking time less than 60 minutes.  All our Meal Plans are also fully customisable, which allows you to swap in recipes that have shorter preparation and cooking times on days when you are pressed for time.  We also have lots of freezer friendly meals, so you can choose to do a big cook-up on a weekend and freeze meals for ease later during the week!

Additionally our recipes are budget friendly with easily accessible ingredients, so you’ll save time not having to hunt obscure items down, and our Shopping Lists are linked to your Meal Plans – so you don’t have to spend time writing out your own.

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