Does 12WBT have a Lactose Free Meal Plan?

12WBT does require a little work adapting certain recipes when you have specific dietary requirements, but Michelle gives us all the tools to make it happen. While we don’t have a separate lactose free Meal Plan, with a little tweaking each week, you can make your Meal Plans work for you.

You’re welcome to modify recipes to suit your needs (e.g. replacing milk with soy/nut milk, using lactose free yoghurt, replacing cheese with hummus/avocado/nut butter, etc.). When a meal is too complex to modify, use “Customise Plan” feature of the Meal Plan to switch any non lactose free meals for lactose free options that you like from the Recipe Index.

The ‘Lactose Free’ filter will help you to find those meals that are most suitable – we have over 300 LF recipes in the Recipe Index. Using the customise feature of your Meal Plan also updates your Shopping List which saves time and effort, and any last minor edits you need to make before doing your shop won’t take too long.

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