How much will the weekly food bill be approximately?

There are too many variables to be able to give an approximate weekly shopping dollar amount. Things such as where you shop, what’s on special, whether you buy all the items listed on the 12WBT Shopping List, whether you are increasing the Meal Plans to cater for more than 2 people, and so on, all determine the cost impact.

Your food bill may increase for the first few weeks if your cupboard is bare and you don’t have common condiments such as olive oil. However you will quickly stock up on these one-off items and then your food bill will become more economical. The cost per meal of many recipes can be as low as $3 per serve, especially with dishes such as soups and casseroles. The Meal Plans consist of mostly whole foods and nothing too expensive or unusual. Many members comment on how much money they save as they are eating out less. Cutting out one take out meal a week over the twelve weeks can save more than $200.

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