What is 12WBT and how does it work?

12WBT is a unique online exercise, nutrition and mindset program created by Australia’s favourite Personal Trainer, Michelle Bridges. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, learn to run, train for a half marathon or get in shape post-baby – 12WBT has a program for you!

As a member of a 12WBT Round, you are supported by our team of experts and your 12WBT peers. We give you week by week access to inspiring content and practical tools and advice to help you achieve your goals during Pre-Season and the following 12 weeks.

Each specific round of 12WBT comprises of 6 weeks of Pre-Season followed by 12 weeks of nutrition, exercise and mindset content. 

During Pre-Season you will receive:

  • Twice weekly Pre-Season Tasks to lay the foundations for a successful 12 weeks to follow.
  • Weekly Challenges to get you into the groove of regular participation and routine.
  • Access to the entire 12WBT Recipe and Exercise Index, Workout Videos and Express Workouts so you can start testing out some of our delicious meals and exciting exercises.
  • Access via email and the 12WBT Member Zone to an amazing team of dietitians, and health and fitness experts, plus become part of the incredibly supportive 12WBT member community.
  • Free 12WBT Daily app! It’s the perfect companion to your program: view your day’s Exercise and Meal Plans and track your food, workouts, sleep and mood with a single tap (currently available on iPhone only).

During the 12 weeks following the Pre-Season period, you will receive:

  • Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping Lists, plus continued access to the 12WBT Recipe Index.
  • Weekly Exercise Plans, plus continued access to the 12WBT Exercise Index AND exclusive 12WBT Workout Videos.
  • My Tracker and My Stats pages so you can track your food, exercise, mindset and measurements, to stay accountable and responsible for your progress.
  • Access to the 12WBT Support Crew and 12WBT member community via the 12WBT Member Zone.

Your 12WBT Round finishes with 4 weeks of graduation that includes the option to download the following:

  • A week’s worth of bonus plans containing Exercise and Meal Plans, Recipes and Shopping Lists.
  • A Graduation Certificate.
  • A Report Card.

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To participate in a Round of 12WBT it’s either a one off upfront payment of $199 or 12 weekly instalments of $19.99 ($239.88 in total). You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex) or PayPal. We also have a Direct Deposit option for the one-off upfront payment method. Head here https://go.12wbt.com/sign-up to join up!

Looking forward to you coming on board!

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