Can I customise the Exercise Plans?

We encourage members to follow the Exercise Plans as closely as possible as they are structured to provide balanced training across the week, to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Having said that, if you have injuries, and/or time and equipment constraints and you need to jiggle the Exercise Plans around to accommodate this, then please do. Our Express Workouts are a great way to adapt your Exercise Plans on the days when you are short on time!

Depending on your chosen Fitness Program, you can also customise your Exercise Plan exercise location (At Home, Gym Classes, Gym Machines, Outdoors), via either the weekly view or the daily view of your plan.

The most important thing is that you fit exercise into your life, rather than leaving it in the ‘too hard to work out how to work out’ basket! As a member of 12WBT you have access to the 12WBT Exercise Index, so you can choose alternative exercises to suit your needs and ability. Our Support Crew, and your fellow 12WBTers can also help you to adapt your Exercise Plan to suit your situation.

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