Can I combine a running Exercise Plan and a non running one together?

You do not need to combine the Learn to Run (L2R) (builds you up from zero to 5km), 10k Running, 10k Running Advanced, 1/2 Marathon, 1/2 Marathon Advanced or Marathon Exercise Plans with any other Exercise Plan. These Exercise Plans are complete in themselves, and to get the best results to achieve your goal distance, increase your fitness, tone up and lose or maintain your weight without the risk of over-training we recommend that you complete them as they are.

The running sessions build up your running fitness optimally for your chosen event. The toning and core days, stretching and self massage in the Exercise Plans of all running Programs provide the specific strength and stability gains that help with running efficiency and minimise the risk of injury. However by all means you can jump into the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced programs to view the online Workout Videos via the “At Home” exercise location on your non running days. For Friday’s core session make sure you select the Friday online Workout Video, which could be Core Central or Bend It Like Bridges.  Building up the running requires non running recovery days to rest the body from the high impact nature of running, whereby the running Exercise Plans incorporates this in the right ratios.

Tuesday is the day to work on your leg strength & pelvic stability, whereas Thursday is the day to focus on your upper body and abs so you can bear this in mind. Friday is the day to focus on your core work and is NOT the day to be doing hard leg strength work the day before your long run otherwise you won’t be able to get the best out of your long run. Remember, to balance your week and save your main energy for your running as it is only by “running” that you can get truly running fit and fast!  

Note for example that the running sessions in the early stages of the 10k Running Exercise Plan are quite short because they are designed to gradually build up from running 2km to 10km safely within 12 weeks. For any sessions below 60mins, if you feel like you have more energy and calories to burn after your workout, then you can continue working your cardio system with some boxing, burpees, mountain climbers, swimming, bike, skipping or rowing (if you have access to a pool, bike or rowing machine). These cardio activities will get your heart pumping and take you to your daily calorie burn figure and fitness targets in no time! You can complete up to 1 hour for your entire session, including your run, exercises, stretching and self massage.

The 10k Running, 10k Running Advanced, 1/2 Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Advanced and Marathon Exercise Plans have one training location option – Outdoors for both running and the non running (toning and core) sessions. By all means, you can perform the toning and core sessions in the gym or at home if you wish, but you will mainly be using your body weight or free weights for these exercises.

The Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercise Plans have 4 training location options – Gym Classes, Gym Machines, At Home and Outdoors. If you are at the Intermediate or Advanced fitness levels and you are completing the 10k Running, 10k Running Advanced, 1/2 Marathon or 1/2 Marathon Advanced or Marathon programs then you can access the At Home or Gym Machine exercises on your “non running” days via the Tuesday, Thursday or Friday sessions from the Intermediate or Advanced Exercise Plans respectively if you wish.

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