What's the difference between Advanced and Lean & Strong?

There are two advanced level Fitness Programs for people who reach the advanced level in the 12WBT Fitness Test. Advanced is one of our Weight Loss Fitness Programs, it has one of the highest cardio components so the workouts are designed to burn big calories. Advanced is also ideal for those who have weight to lose and the numbers on the scales are important to them.  

Lean & Strong is a strength training program and for those members who want to increase their lean muscle mass and  who are at or almost at their goal weight. Although you can lose weight on Lean and Strong, it isn’t the primary focus of your training and we do ask that you put all additional cardio on hold during this time as adding this in, can have a negative impact on your results.

We don’t encourage you to switch to Lean and Strong mid way through a Round as this style of training does need to be completed in its entirety for best results. If you do choose to switch across, you will need to start back at Week 1 but understand that this will have you out of sync with the rest of the Program. 

Be sure to check out the Advanced and Lean & Strong Fact Sheets for more information.  Fact Sheets are available to all 12WBT members.

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