Do I need to join a gym or get fitness equipment to do 12WBT?

No you do not need to join a gym to do the Exercise Plans. Most Exercise Plans have 4 different Exercise Locations to choose from – Gym Classes, Gym Machines, At Home and Outdoors. 

If you train at home, you can invest in some dumbbells (a barbell is also a great addition but is not essential) however you can also use weighted drink bottles or a weighted backpack for resistance.  A portable step or bench are also good options but an outdoor step can be utilised and some of the exercises can be performed lying on the ground. A skipping rope will also add great variety, and is an easy piece of equipment to carry with you when you are on the go. Many members may also choose to invest in some of Michelle’s Workout DVDs for greater variety throughout the round.

While following the At Home option for your Exercise Plan, you can either follow the online Workout Videos (you will need to be logged onto the site to follow these as they are not downloadable) or you can follow the printed Exercise Plan, or a mix of both. Some of these Workout Videos require equipment, such as a resistance band and weights (again you can use weighted drink bottles or a weighted backpack rather than dumbbells and a barbell) but you can choose to do only the non-equipment based Workout Videos if you prefer.

If you have an iPhone, you can also get the free 12WBT Daily app, which is has an interactive workout player, taking you through all the exercises in your workout to ensure correct form and technique – wherever you may be! Download it from the App store.

Finally we recommend you get a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), so you can track how many calories you burn per workout! This is all explained in the Pre-Season Task – Gear Up.

Michelle has a great range of exercise DVDs and fitness equipment that you can pick up in-store or online at Big W.

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