What do I get as a member of 12WBT?

  • Weekly Exercise Plans, Meal Plans and Shopping Lists so you don’t have to think, just follow and feel your fitness and health and well being improve!
  • Twice weekly Mindset Lesson videos from Mish to get your head in the game and help you become the best version of you that you can be.
  • Access to our comprehensive Recipe Index and the 12WBT Calorie Lookup, so you can easily check the calorie counts of various foods and beverages, and customise your Meal Plans to suit your individual circumstances.
  • Access to our vast Exercise Index so you can customise your Exercise Plans to suit your individual circumstances and workout location.
  • Access to our comprehensive Member FAQs, so you can build your knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy and happy life.
  • Access to our online community, the Member Zone, where you can connect to your fellow 12WBT members and the 12WBT Support Crew to share stories and experiences and to ask for advice.
  • Access to the 12WBT Video Gallery, which contains an ever-increasing number of Snip Tip videos covering nutrition, exercise and mindset; and exclusive online 12WBT Workout Videos which you can choose to do as part of your Exercise Plans.
  • A Certificate of Completion and a bonus week of plans (containing Exercise, Meal Plans and Shopping Lists).
  • My Stats page to record all your measurements and fitness and strength gains – so you can track your progress throughout the Round.
  • Free 12WBT Daily app! It’s the perfect companion to your program: view your day’s Exercise and Meal Plans and track your food, workouts, sleep and mood with a single tap. Currently available on iPhone only.

Check out the blogs, What Do I Get When I Sign Up For 12WBT? and What can I expect from the 12WBT? for even more information.

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