How do I nominate someone for a 12WBT Hero Award?

The 12WBT Hero Award nomination forms will be made available towards the end of each round. We will advise members via email when nominations are open, and what day and time the nominations close.

Nominations for a round can only be made by current members of that round.  Members can only nominate current members of that round. Current members can nominate themselves.

In order to submit a valid nomination, members must complete the form including their full name, valid email address, nominee’s 12WBT screen name and answer to the following question “Please tell us why you are nominating this person as a 12WBT Hero. What makes them extraordinary? How do they give back to the community – either virtually or in real life?” Answers must be in 300 words or less. Members may also upload an optional photo to support their nomination.

NOTE: You can only nominate one person, so please pick the one person that you would think would be most deserving of this award. Someone who has been an inspiration to you and others, and is paying it forward in some form or another!

We’ll email you to let you know when it’s awards time! Once the page is open, you can enter or nominate by heading here.
If you are not taken to the correct page, please check that you are in the appropriate round.

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