Can I cancel my 12WBT membership?

If it is agreed that you have a legitimate reason or an extenuating circumstance for requesting a cancellation then we can cancel your membership. This means you will no longer have access to the round.

If you have paid upfront a pro-rata based refund will be issued. This is calculated from when you joined the program, including Pre-Season, and the refund amount is worked out on how many weeks you would have left to pay.

As with a gym membership, once joined up, the responsibility is on the member to make use of their membership by interacting with the program, or advise us immediately if they are unable to continue. Refunds are not given for any period of non participation unless members are able to provide documentation of their extenuating circumstance (such as hospitalisation due to serious illness ).

Please note we do not switch memberships between rounds.

If you are on a recurring payment plan the cancellation of your membership will automatically stop all future weekly payments and you will no longer be charged. There will be no refunds for any previous weekly payments including Pre-Season, as you have had access to site content which includes Pre-Season Tasks, access to the Member Zone, the entire Recipe Index and Exercise Index, Meal Plans, Exercise Plans, Workout Videos, Snip-Tip Videos, weekly videos from Michelle and weekly emails.

If you wish to be considered for cancellation, please contact us straight away with details of your legitimate reason/extenuating circumstances and confirm your acceptance of our Cancellation Policy by emailing us using the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of this page.

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