I am a teenager?

Age shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to becoming fit and healthy. The 12WBT Program is written so that members of all ages and fitness levels are able to participate, however if you are younger than 18 years of age then there are some additional things to consider. 

Michelle has designed her program around eating really nutritious foods and moving 6 days a week. For teenagers, this might mean going for a walk (if you have a dog, added bonus!), playing a sport, riding a bike, going to the pool, or something like that. As a teenager you are still growing, so the activity you can do is very different to our adult members. Adult’s bones have stopped growing and they are able to lift weights and do gym workouts, whereas for younger people still growing, this can be quite dangerous and can cause problems for growing bones – so it’s important that your workouts are modified to be right for you, and that they are performed under supervision.

In terms of food, a teenager’s energy requirements are quite unique. There are so many variables to be considered (such as your height, weight, age, physical development stage, activity level etc) that the 12WBT does not give specific daily calorie allowance figures for younger people. Working out how much energy your body needs (to be able to lose weight) and stay healthy is very complex – this is why we advise you to have a chat to your doctor and/or a dietician about your individual situation.

If you get the go ahead from your doctor to participate and if you are under 18 years of age then a parent or guardian must sign up on your behalf and we recommend that they supervise your participation in the program.  We also encourage your parent or guardian to read the Internet Industry Association’s (IIA) Guide for Internet Users.

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