I am not yet a teenager?

Age shouldn’t be a limiting factor when it comes to becoming fit and healthy. The 12WBT Program is written so that members of all ages and fitness levels are able to participate.

Michelle has designed her program around eating really nutritious foods and moving 6 days a week. For pre-teens, this might mean going for a walk (if you have a dog, added bonus!), joining a sport, riding your bike, going to the pool, climbing on playground equipment, or something like that. As a pre-teen, you are still young and are still growing, so the activity you can do is very different to our adult members. Adults’ bones have stopped growing and they are able to lift weights and do gym workouts, for children still growing, this can be quite dangerous and can cause problems for growing bones.

In terms of your food, young people’s energy requirements are quite unique. Your height and activity level are crucial factors in determining your energy requirements. Kids typically use and burn more energy than adults. Working out how much energy your body needs (to be able to lose weight) and stay healthy is very complex.

What we’d suggest you do is to talk to your parents. You then need to go have a chat to your doctor and/or a dietitian. They will decide if this is the right program for you.  In fact, any person under the age of 18 must get their parent’s permission to participate in the 12WBT.

In the meantime, we suggest you get outside and move. Jump on a bike or go for a long walk today. Swap soft drink for water and avoid lollies, chips and packets of food. For food, try weetbix and banana for breakfast, an apple for morning tea, a salad sandwich for lunch, an orange for afternoon tea and some meat and steamed vegetables for dinner. Move and eat healthy. 

Now, go have a chat to your parents and show them this FAQ.  Together you can make a decision about what is going to be best for you!

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