I want to put on weight?

While 12WBT was initially designed to help people lose weight and then hold firm at their goal weight, there is no reason why the program could not work in terms of helping you gain weight in a nutritious and healthy way, but we would need to make some adjustments and recommendations.

Assuming that your difficulty in gaining weight is not due to a medical problem, and that you have the all clear from your doctor to participate in 12WBT, we suggest that you follow one of the higher daily calorie level meal plans, and potentially even add calories per day on top of that. Start with adding 100 calories at a time, for example by adding more protein to your main meals, or simply add in another snack or make your other snacks bigger.  We’d recommend adding protein over carbohydrate where possible.  Remember if you’re adding more food, you’ll need to work out the extra calories per gram of protein/carbohydrate – e.g. adding an extra 100g of protein in the form of grilled chicken is approximately 165 calories, while 65g of cooked brown rice is approximately 99 calories.

We would love to have you join us for the next Round of 12WBT!

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