I have high cholesterol?

Provided that you have your health professional’s ok to participate in a controlled nutrition and fitness program, then you can participate in a Round of 12WBT. We always have quite a few members with high cholesterol each Round, so you will not be alone.

All the 12WBT Meal Plans are low in saturated fat which is the leading contributor to high cholesterol. The plans are also low in refined sugar and are a rich source of dietary fibre. Michelle has not excluded any macronutrients and has formulated meals that are satiating and well balanced.  By following them consistently over the course of 12 weeks, members have seen great reductions in their cholesterol levels.

There is also a Fact Sheet specifically on cholesterol that we recommend you look at, all Fact Sheets are accessible for members of 12WBT.

We are looking forward to having you join us!

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