I am a vegan?

While we don’t have a separate Vegan Meal Plan, we do have a flexible Vegetarian Meal Plan and over 100 vegan recipes – with a bit of tweaking each week, you can certainly make this work for you.

You’re welcome to modify recipes to suit your needs (e.g. replace cows milk with soy/nut milk, replace cheese with avocado/hummus/nut butter, etc.). When a meal is too complex to modify, use “Customise Plan” feature of the Meal Plan to switch any unsuitable meals for other vegetarian or vegan options that you like from the Recipe Index. Once you join, get in touch via email (support@12wbtsupport.com) and we can email you a list of the vegan recipes to save you some time. Using the customise feature of your Meal Plan also updates your Shopping List which saves time and effort, and any last minor edits you need to make before doing your shop won’t take too long.

We have loads of members who are vegan, who can also assist you in the Member Zone. This is a fabulous community of people and what makes 12WBT so special!

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