I am pregnant?

Yes, you can participate in 12WBT while pregnant, provided you have been given the all clear to participate in a structured fitness and nutrition program by your doctor. As a 12WBT member, you have access to many different resources, including a Pregnancy Program Exercise Plan, Pregnancy Meal Plan, Mindset Videos, Workout Videos and Fact Sheets. You’ll also have access to our Pregnancy Group in the Member Zone, where you can post questions and receive support from other mums, as well as from the 12WBT Support Crew.

Although weight loss should not be a priority during your pregnancy, some members find that they can still comfortably lose weight particularly in the first trimester (especially if they have more than 15kgs to lose).

The main aim of participating in 12WBT when you’re pregnant is to get your body and mind into the healthiest shape possible, while managing some of the common symptoms you may feel (such as fatigue and nausea) during your pregnancy. By following the 12WBT Pregnancy Program you’ll be preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy and birth, while developing positive habits for a healthy, active future.

We look forward to having you join our 12WBT family!

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