I am a male?

Yes absolutely men can participate in the 12WBT Program. In fact, we have specific Fitness Program and Meal Plan options for our male members!

Once you sign up and set up your account, by entering your gender you will then receive all the plans specifically for men. You can choose any of our Fitness Programs and the Exercise Plans will be male specific (ie the weight level recommendations).

Our Calorie Levels for men include the following options:
1800 Calories per day: For men wanting to lose weight on the Beginner, Intermediate, Fit for Fifty or Learn to Run programs.
2000 Calories per day: For men wanting to maintain their weight on the Advanced, Lean & Strong, 10k Running, 10k Running Advanced, 1/2 Marathon, 1/2 Marathon Advanced or Marathon programs OR those wanting to lose weight on the Move programs.

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