I have Type 1 Diabetes?

Provided that you have your health professional’s OK to participate in a controlled nutrition and fitness program, then you can participate in a round of 12WBT.

While the 12WBT Meal Plans are not designed specifically for those with type 1 diabetes, with a few tweaks each week you can most certainly make them work for you.

Each 12WBT recipe will have a nutrition information panel showing the carbohydrates ‘per serve’ and ‘per 100g’ – use that to decide whether a meal is right for you or if it needs to be modified/swapped with something more suitable. If you do need to change a meal, you can use the ‘Customise Plan’ tool to swap in a more suitable recipe. Customising updates your Shopping List automatically, keeping things really simple. Using the ‘Low Carb’ filter may be helpful for you, in finding meals that fit your needs, so keep any eye out for that. You are also more than welcome to modify recipes, adding or removing carbohydrates as needed.

As you start a new exercise regime and change the amount and types of foods you’re eating, the way your body responds to insulin may change dramatically – for that reason, it’s important that you check in with your doctor/diabetes educator and monitor your BGL’s regularly throughout the 12WBT journey. Also, the dietitians at Support Crew are here to help – if you notice hypos occurring more regularly than they should (or at all!), if you are concerned about the meals or if you just want to ask a question, we are here for you.

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