I am breastfeeding?

Yes, you can join 12WBT while you are breastfeeding, in fact we have a Meal & Exercise Plan specifically for you!

While breastfeeding, your energy and nutrient needs are increased due the extra calories required for milk production. Everybody will be different in what they require but we recommend that you follow the 12WBT Breastfeeding Meal Plan (1800 calories/day) as base. Your baby will receive the nutrition needed for growth and development, while allowing you to shape up and tone.

The Post-Baby Fitness Program will provide a safe and realistic way to return to exercise after birth (we know hard-core workouts and no sleep don’t always mix!). The exercises in the Post-Baby Exercise Plan are designed to re-awaken the core, improve strength, balance and fitness and boost your energy levels, without compromising your milk supply.

You’ll also have access to great Mindset Videos and support in our online Community, the Member Zone, so that you can enjoy this time with your bub, while working towards reaching your health and fitness goals.

Come and be a part of the 12WBT family!

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