Meet the 12WBT Support Crew!

Our rockstar Support Crew are with you every step of the way. The team of qualified personal trainers, dietitians and nutritionists are experts in their field and are there to answer any question you might have - you can contact them directly, or reach out in our Member Zone. Our FAQ page is also loaded with information.

Lisa Donaldson

Lisa Donaldson

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Running half marathons for fun and hiking in the Snowy Mountains at the weekend gives Lisa a good appetite. Just as well she has a Master's Degree in Nutrition. Her doctor says that her dedication and determination to eat and exercise well helped to save her life in 2002 when her kidneys nearly failed. This incident motivated Lisa to share her encyclopaedic knowledge about eating well. And just so you know, her favourite comfort food is a bowl of warm quinoa porridge with cinnamon and banana.

  • Danielle Bruce Danielle Bruce
    Technical Lead
  • Louise McDonald Louise McDonald
    (Loopy Lou or 2 Scoops)
    Fitness - Muscle Building Specialist
  • Georgie Galea Georgie Galea
    Site Admin Lead
  • Erica Grandjean Erica Grandjean
    Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Group Fitness Instructor
  • (Chooky) Sarah Biordi (Chooky) Sarah Biordi
    12WBT Coach
  • Dane Pollock Dane Pollock
  • Susie Purcell Susie Purcell
  • Steph McDonnell Steph McDonnell
    Site Admin
  • Daniella Mondello Daniella Mondello
    Accredited Practicing Dietitian