Ideal for:

Designed to develop flexibility, strength, endurance & power, this program is ideal for males that haven't exercised in a very long time, or ever. You’ll start slow and smart with mobility and stability exercises, with the workout difficulty progressing each session.

Equipment Needed:

Gym Equipment Needed OR at-home and outdoor alternatives

Time Commitment:

3-4 workouts per week.
30 minute workouts

Introducing Head Trainer - Todd Liubinskas

Todd is a highly experienced personal trainer, with 17+ years in the industry, who specialises in Strength & Conditioning coaching.
In between competing in Functional Training competitions, Adventure races and running from LA to Las Vegas, Todd is the Men's Health Fitness Director and has founded four fitness-focused businesses;
CSP Gym, CSP Athlete Factory, Coaching Zone Five Dock and The 440 Run Club. We can't wait to share with you his wealth of knowledge and holistic approach to health and fitness.

How you'll Train:

Your 12 week program is split into 3 training phases, which has been proven to be the smartest way to train the male body.
Each week includes 3 days of training, with an optional Saturday session.

Week 1-4:

Focus on flexibility, mobility & base strength

Week 5-8:

Build strength & enhance cardio fitness

Week 9-12:

Train to produce power & ferocious fitness!

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What you'll eat:

So you don't ever feel hungry, your weekly meal plans will be based on 2000 calories a day and will include all natural, delicious foods.

  • Protein-based
  • Quick and simple to make
  • Feed your muscles
  • Starve your fat cells
  • Pizza, burgers and more!

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