Why is 12WBT Pre-Season SO Important?

Pre-Season is a huge part of our 12 Week Body Transformation. Like anything is life, preparing for the main event is crucial to success. And 12WBT is no different!

So what is Pre-Season? It’s the six weeks leading up to the start of the Round for you to focus and get in the right mindset so you can hit the ground running. Every few days from now until the beginning of the Round, we’ll unlock a new task that will help set you up for success.


Get more from your 12WBT and join Pre-Season today!

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Take It From Me – Pre-Season Works!

Before & After Kate 610x350You might wonder why you need to do your Pre-Season Tasks – especially if you’ve already done them in previous Rounds. In this blog post, experienced 12WBTer Kate explains why she finds them so important, and how vital it is for her to get on track with them.

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Our 12WBTers Talk: Why We Love Pre-Season

Mish Pre-SeasonAll of our 12WBT success stories have one thing in common: they each complete their Pre-Season Tasks before the Round begins. Every week they got stuck into two activities that prepared them mentally and physically for the 12 weeks coming up. Nail these too and you’ll have begun transforming yourself before the Round even begins!

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“Why Should I Do Pre-Season?”

My-pre-12wbt-t-shirt-round-1-2013Fact: there’s a HUGE link between the members that complete the Pre-Season tasks and those that have a lot of success within the 12WBT program. We could go on and on about how amazing Pre-Season is (because it is!) but instead, see what 12WBT members past and present had to say about it!

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Weight Loss Success Is All About Your Mindset

top-5-mindset-stories-with-logo.jpgIt’s important to remember that any weight loss journey should be a marathon – not a sprint! In the same way that you wouldn’t exercise your body without warming up first, you shouldn’t jump head first into a complete and sustained lifestyle change without clueing your brain in to what’s required. And that’s what Pre-Season is all about!

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