Which Alcohol Has the Least Calories?

Nutrition // Georgina Moore

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink or two – just be mindful of the calories in alcohol, as well as the amount you’re consuming.

Here’s a breakdown of calories from least to most in classic bar favourites:

  1. 1 vodka soda: 64 calories
  2. 1 glass of white wine: 100 calories
  3. 1 glass of sparkling wine: 100 calories
  4. 1 glass of red wine: 120 calories
  5. 1 full-strength beer (250ml bottle): 155 calories
  6. 1 old-fashioned: 150 calories
  7. 1 gin and tonic: 200 calories
  8. 1 rum and cola: 248 calories
  9. 1 espresso martini: 285 calories

We have a winner! Vodka and soda water comes out as the lowest calorie option with 64 calories. Add fresh lime or lemon juice for a low-calorie flavour hit.

Surprised at the gin and tonic? It’s a common misconception that tonic is another kind of soda water. It’s actually a soft drink and full of sugar.

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 Which is the best drink to prevent hangovers?

If you are going to have drinks, keep an eye on exactly what you’re drinking and standard drink versus standard serve. Most alcoholic beverages at a pub or restaurant are more than one standard drink.

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Should I eat less to compensate for the alcohol?

No! No! No! Bad idea.

Instead, make sure you head into the party or event with a game plan for how much food and alcohol you want to consume. Then stick to it.

Eating before will also help prevent the calorie explosion that happens from a late night stop at the kebab shop on the way home!

Apart from eating before you go out, my top tip is to sip your drink and alternate every alcoholic beverage with something non-alcoholic. It’ll help you stay hydrated and will go a long way towards helping you avoid waking up with a nasty hangover.

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