What are the 12WBT Meal Plans like?

Nutrition // Georgina Moore

Put simply, the 12WBT Meal Plans and the 12WBT itself offer a real re-education about the sorts of foods you should be eating, correct portion sizes (something most of us know nothing about!) and the aisles in the supermarket that you should never go down again!

The 12WBT gives you 12 weeks of delicious menu plans, full of all the things you think you shouldn’t eat when you are on a ‘diet’ – bread, pasta and pizza – all laid out with shopping lists, calorie counts and easy to follow, family, budget and time family recipes that you’ll love!

So here comes all the nerdy stuff…

The 12WBT Nutrition Team consists of Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Accredited Practicing Nutritionists who work with our Recipe Developers to ensure that all the recipes and Nutrition Plans offered are not just calorie controlled, but also contain a balance of vitamins and minerals in order to meet a generally healthy adult’s nutritional needs, everyday.

12WBT weekly meal plan

Members are provided with a Meal Plan and associated recipes that meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines in relation to the number of serves of each food groups on a daily basis. There are no food groups that are not offered on the 12WBT plan, as the Meal Plans are not a “diet” but rather a demonstration of how to eat nutritious, whole foods in a healthy way.

Our intention is that over the 12 weeks of the 12 Week Body Transformation, our members will learn how to eat a healthy diet with appropriate portion sizes. Our members also learn to gauge their hunger and about making better dietary choices, which will ensure they have sustained energy throughout the day without overloading on calories.

So if I haven’t bored you to death and you are keen to find out how here at the 12WBT we take the thinking out of it and make it easy to lose weight and improve your health, check out www.12wbt.com and join the 12WBT team today!