Free 12WBT One-Pot Wonder Recipes!

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

If you’re a busy person (and aren’t we all), slow cooker or one-pot wonder recipes will soon become your best friend – especially in the cooler months! That’s why we have four free warming winter recipes for dishes we know you’ll love.

The benefits of slow cooking

Hearty dishes like lasagne, stews or chilli are traditionally high-calorie foods, but they don’t have to be! Smart slow cooking means all the comfort, warmth and satisfaction without the hefty calorie tag. And it’s easy! Simply add your ingredients, set and forget – then have a piping hot, delicious meal waiting for you.

Slow-cooked meals are also great for preparing bulk meals that you can freeze, ready to enjoy on those too-busy-to-cook days (or take to work). Plus, they’re fancy enough to serve to guests while entertaining.

Get four free one-pot wonder recipes

We’ve put together a special recipe collection of some of Mish’s favourite 12WBT meals that are all made in just one pot. How good is that? Hardly any washing up!

Try these four recipes today – we guarantee they’ll soon become family favourites.

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