Sacha Inchi: The Superfood from Darkest Peru

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Is this a nut… a grain… a spice? It’s a SUPER SEED called sacha inchi!

If you hadn’t heard of Inca nuts before, you’re not the only one! To be fair, while these little bullets of nutritional power can be eaten like peanuts, they’re actually seeds that grow in pods that look a bit like star anise.

Grown in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, the seeds are harvested for eating – roasting them gives a mild, nutty taste often compared to dark, roasted peanuts – or pressing to make oil that’s said to be the healthiest in the world!

Packed with superfood powers, the whole seed is actually a complete protein that contains every amino acid – a perfect balance of omega 3-6-9. It’s also high in antioxidants, including vitamin A and E and is highly digestible – by 96%. It has no cholesterol and a low 6.39% of saturated fat.

Use the oil the same way as extra virgin olive oil – for serving not cooking – on salads, veggies and pasta, in dressings, mayonnaise and vinaigrettes, or even as a dipping sauce.

Snack on the seeds or cook with them just like other nuts. Serve as a garnish, sprinkle into salads, crush to make a crust for fish or tofu, chop for baking in muffins, or grind to add to smoothies.

Buy edible and skin care products from (about $10 for a 100g packet of ‘nuts’), or Inca Inchi Oil from (about $24 for 250ml).

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