Ice Cream Alternatives for Weight Loss

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! It’s hot outside, our mouths are dry, and sometimes we cannot help but let our minds stray to a decadent cone of ice cream. But stay strong! There are several healthy alternatives that mean you can have your cake and eat it too (or ice cream, in this case).

 Who said fruit isn’t fun? Whack those frozen berries, mangoes or bananas in the blender with some water and ice, and you have your very own fabulously fresh smoothie.

The same can be done with yoghurt. Buy natural yoghurt with low sugar and no additives, then simply pop it in the freezer and in no time you have your very own fro-ghurt (aka frozen yoghurt). Cheap, cheerful and healthy! You can even place it in a cone or enjoy a fresh fruit topping – no naughty toppings allowed!

Now let’s talk about ice cream without the cream. Sounds boring, but don’t be fooled. Ice blocks are not only delicious, they are a healthier choice – having significantly less fat. Then there is sorbet. Unlike gelato, which is milk-based, sorbet is ice-based. So it’s just as fresh and delicious as gelato, but has less fat and often less sugar.

Okay, I hear you – sometimes we just need some chocolate on the menu. A great way to hit that chocolate craving without undoing all your hard work, is to dip a banana in chocolate and then freeze it. Delicious, portion-controlled, and enough to kick that chocolate desire to the kerb. Tick, tick, tick.

It’s all about being creative, and using healthy ingredients to get your icy hit this summer. You can do it!