How to Avoid Weight Gain This Winter

Nutrition // Michelle Bridges, Master Trainer

How did you go in my last round? I hope you absolutely smashed those goals of yours!

In my experience, once a round is over it’s very easy to slip straight back into old (unhelpful!) habits – especially because it’s now winter!!

But I won’t let that happen to you! To keep you on track and continuing your newfound healthy habits, here are my top tips for surviving the winter months:

1. Keep moving!

This simply means not going into winter hibernation because it’s cold!  Become an active participant in life and incorporate extra activity into your daily tasks. Use what you’ve learnt from me as motivation for staying active. Think about parking further away when going to the shops, taking the stairs and not the lift, or going for a walk in the middle of the day. You can always join me again for another round to stay consistent with your awesome weekly workout routine.

2. Become a savvy shopper

Time to think about eating foods close nature, or at least purchasing products that read like they are ‘homemade’. Investigate ingredient lists and choose products that read as though Grandma made them.

3. Eat three meals a day – and stop grazing!

Winter brings with it the temptation to snack more throughout the day to ‘nurture’ your body through the cooler days (I understand don’t worry!).

But you know what I’ve taught you: it’s best to consume three well-balanced and nutritious meals each day with two small snacks in between to ensure your body feels satisfied and can register hunger for the next meal. Don’t forget, a little hunger is a good thing when trying stay on the weight loss wagon, as hunger tells us that our metabolism is working hard – whilst making use of some stored energy or fat!

4. Ditch the sugary drinks

I’m sure you already have, but here’s a reminder to swap all your juices, soft drinks, vanilla flavoured lattes and steaming hot chocolates for water or herbal tea. It will make a massive change to your waistline – and your skin will look amazing! Liquid kilojoules certainly add up across the day, and water won’t lead to a spike in blood glucose levels, like those sugary beverages do.

5. Fill up on non-starchy plant foods

Continue the lessons you’ve learnt with your meal preparation and go for half a plate of non-starchy vegetables with every meal. This includes vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, beans, cauliflower, mushrooms, cabbage, tomato, Asian greens, baby spinach, zucchini, squash and carrots. Plus, enjoy two serves of whole fruit each day – mandarins are amazing during winter and one of our favourite snacks this time of year!

6. Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for feeling alert and re-energised each day. You may be feeling a little drained from your 12WBT round, particularly if you’ve been waking up early to workout each morning! So prioritise your sleep throughout this period.

Try and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day for a few weeks and feel the difference in your energy levels. This is especially important at this time of year when it’s still cold and dark when you wake! Also think about turning off all electrical appliances at least half an hour before going to bed, wash your face and have a small cup of warmed skim milk before going to bed.

Don’t forget you can always join me for another round of my 12WBT if you’re worried about going it alone throughout winter. I’d love to have you on my team again! Think about the amazing goals we could achieve together come spring?!

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