How Many Calories Are in Your Favourite Coffee?

Nutrition // 12WBT Staff

I want you to think about the last coffee you enjoyed. Delicious? Soothing? Requires a 30-minute run to burn it off? WHAT?!

That’s right, your daily ritual of two cups before lunch could amount to a whopping 630 calories! When it comes to calories in coffee, the brew you choose takes a lot to burn.

We’ve tallied the number of calories hidden in eight popular coffees – and compared the amount of calories in skim milk vs. full cream milk. So before you have your new coffee, check below!

On skim or no milk, per serve

  • Espresso: 1 calorie
  • Long Black: 3 calories
  • Piccolo Latte: 26 calories
  • Cappuccino: 68 calories
  • Flat White: 68 calories
  • Chai Latte: 127 calories
  • Mocha: 164 calories

With full-cream milk, per serve:

  • Espresso: 1 calorie
  • Long Black: 3 calories
  • Piccolo Latte:46 calories
  • Cappuccino: 134 calories
  • Flat White: 155 calories
  • Chai Latte: 224 calories
  • Mocha: 394 calories

The big offenders

The monster of all coffees is the mocha, which contains 394 calories in a regular cup – with full-cream milk – and would take over 30 minutes of running to burn it off. So don’t bother with the Choco Mocha!

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An Iced Coffee with full-cream milk has the second highest amount of calories, with 249 and will set you back around 25 minutes of pounding the pavement.

If you want a coffee hit without the calories then grab an Espresso, which has only one calorie per regular cup. A Long Black will only set you back three calories, while a Piccolo Latte with full-cream milk contains 46 Calories.

Crave better coffee

Most people need a coffee pick-me-up at some point in their day (especially if you’re up at the crack of dawn to smash out a workout). But this beloved beverage has some hidden calories! So take note…keeping note on the number of calories in your brew is important – and can seriously add up.

3 tips for cutting down on excess coffee calories

  1. Choose a small serve.
  2. Go skinny – skimmed milk has roughly half the calories of full-cream milk.
  3. Say “no” to extras – avoid adding sugar, whipped cream or shots of syrup.