How Many Calories Are You Really Drinking?

Nutrition // Sarah Link // 2 July 2015

If you’re trying to lose weight, chances are you know the rough calories of most popular foods. You know which foods to focus on, and which foods to avoid (chocolate glazed donut, anyone?). But do you know how many calories are in your favourite alcohol?

Regardless of how often you enjoy a drink, being aware of just how many calories you’re consuming with each drink will help both your health, and your waistline.

For many health conscious people, it’s easy to say ‘see ya’ to that burger and fries, but still be indulging in beer, wine, spirits or cocktails without really knowing the calories involved. So, behold this very informative (and maybe confronting) comparison between some popular beverages, and late-night fast food snacks.

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  1. gerry Reply

    great imformation i need to be reminded ……

  2. Tania Reply

    When I put gin and tonic in “my fitness pal” it says 70… Why does your comparison say 200? Here I was thinking it was the better alternative of all the alcohol choices…. ?????

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